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The Golden Rules

There is no piece of clothing that has such a bad reputation as the corset. It was looked upon as an act of women's liberation, when the ladies got rid of it toward the end of the 19th century. Ask any physician, and he'll say: "Don't wear a corset, unless you have a back problem." It is considered unhealthy to have your inner organs squeezed, and you can't breathe properly anymore! All a lot of rubbish, I say.

If the corset were that unhealthy, as they say, then mankind would already have vanished in the Stone Age. With every pregnancy, the inner organs are squeezed and moved to a different place, much more than tight lacing does. When in cheap stories, there are sentences like "Then the laces of the corset were pulled a little more, and she could hardly breathe" it is time to stop reading there. The author knows nothing about corsets, and this is pure fantasy in his head. Speaking from own experience, I know that breathing is no problem.


Nice corset, front view

Nevertheless, I must admit, you can't do as much wrong with any other piece of clothing as with the corset. Then it really can become an instrument of torture. Therefore, there are a few crucial things you must consider, when you decide to go for a corset. I summarized them in five Golden Rules. These are the basics for efficient corset training.

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Further Information

In addition to the golden rules, I have a few tips and some further information.

Same corset,
back view


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Even though Beauty Discipline is unthinkable without serious corset training, this is not a site about corsets. The main purpose remains to bring the best out of a woman and have her become the perfect beauty. This guide was brought online to you, because there is no other place you will find such clear and precise instructions concerning wearing a corset. This way you know how to proceed and can draft your own programme. Nevertheless, questions may occur. If it is related to something written here, you may ask us. If it is something beyond (e.g. "How can I tailor my own corset?" or "May I eat chocolate?"), please do your own research. There are several dedicated sites about corsets, where you can place your questions. Thank you for your understanding!

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