Beauty Discipline

and Extreme Femininity


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Beauty Discipline is about the discipline, it takes to achieve the ultimate beauty. This is reached by going for all female attributes, which make a woman more attractive. These must be cultivated to an extreme. This is not possible without any restrictions, and they need a lot of discipline. While Extreme Femininity is the goal, Beauty Discipline has no other meaning than how to reach it. Therefore, Beauty Discipline always implies Extreme Femininity in some way!

The programme of Beauty Discipline and Extreme Femininity brings the best out of every woman. Not only does she improve her looks, it also adds to her well-being. She is filled with pride, which gives her self-confidence. This is an essential part of the training. These pages can be used as a guide, how to become the perfect woman.

For Beauty Discipline, the Corset is essential. High Heels favour the desired straight line of shin and dorsum of the foot.

How does the perfect beauty look like? And what must be done to reach this high goal? These are some topics with precise training instructions.

  • Guide to Training the Perfect Beauty
  • Guide for an Efficient Corset Training

    Dolly Parton is the most prominent exponent of Beauty Discipline and Extreme Femininity. Another personification of these desired virtues is the wonderful and beautiful woman, who calls herself viktoriaheels.

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    The expressions "Beauty Discipline", "Extreme Femininity" and "BDEF" (Beauty Discipline and Extreme Femininity) as the combination of the two were created by the author of these pages. So when using these terms, please give him the according credit. Thank you!

    Last update: 31 August 2014